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Mercedes-Benz W110
Automotive industryMercedes-Benz
628,282 built (see text)
PredecessorMercedes-Benz W120
SuccessorMercedes-Benz W115
Car classificationExecutive car
VehiclesMercedes-Benz E-Class
First Series
W110 190D Fintail sedan
Internal combustion engine1.9 L Mercedes-Benz M121 engine Straight-4
1.9 L Mercedes-Benz OM621 engine Diesel Straight-4
Second Series
W110 200D Fintail sedan
Internal combustion engine2.0 L Mercedes-Benz M121 engine Straight-4
2.3 L Mercedes-Benz M180 engine Straight-6
2.0 L Mercedes-Benz OM621 engine Straight-4

The W110 "Mercedes-Benz Heckflosse" (German language: Heckflosse) was Mercedes-Benz's line of midsize four-cylinder Automobile in the mid-1960s. The line was introduced with the 190c and 190Dc Sedan (car) in April, 1961[1], replacing the Mercedes-Benz W120 and Mercedes-Benz W121. The W110 line was refreshed in July, 1965 to become the 200 and Diesel 200D (model year 1966 for North America); at the same time, a six-cylinder 230 (successor to the Mercedes 220) became part of the W110 line. Production lasted just three more years, with the Mercedes-Benz W115 introduced in 1968. This was the first series of Mercedes cars to be extensively crash tested for occupant safety.


First Series (1961-1965)

The 190c replaced the Mercedes-Benz W120 and Mercedes-Benz W121 as Mercedes-Benz's line of less-expensive four-cylinder sedans. The "D" denoted a Diesel engine, a technology pioneered by Mercedes-Benz and championed despite widespread derision in the motoring press.


Chassis code Years Model Engine Number built[2]
W110.0101961–1965190c1.9 L Mercedes-Benz M121 engine Straight-4130,554
W110.1101961–1965190Dc1.9 L Mercedes-Benz OM621 engine Diesel Straight-4225,645

Second Series (1965-1968)

The second series of 4-cylinder cars lasted just a few years. Production of the new 200, 200D and 230 models commenced in July, 1965[3], at the Sindelfingen plant. All three cars ended production in 1968 with the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz W115.


Chassis code Years Model Engine Number built[2]
W110.0101965–19682002.0 L Mercedes-Benz M121 engine Straight-470,207
W110.0111965–19652302.3 L Mercedes-Benz M180 engine Straight-640,258
W110.1101965–1968200D2.0 L Mercedes-Benz OM621 engine Straight-4161,618


W110 Sedan (car) 190c 230
190Dc 200D


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