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T2 designates series of Mercedes-Benz transporters. The T2 is also called the "Düsseldorfer transporter", since it was built until 1996 in Düsseldorf.

First generation (1967-1986)

1967 saw the introduction of the T2 as a successor of the series L 319/L 406. The vehicles filled the gap between Bremen Transporters and the heavier trucks, manufactured in Wörth. The T2 was available as a box van, a flat-bed light truck (with single or double cab), or a bus. From 1977 the chassis was offered, for the mounting of larger box van and bus bodies, in two different widths. In 1981 the T2 received a facelift. The most visible differences were the new, radiator grille, which now was a moulding of black plastic. The various T2 versions were popular for a wide range of applications: they were used as delivery vans, light builders' vans or trucks, fire-brigade and rescue support vehicles, post office parcel delivery vans (featuring a sliding door on the driver's side) and for very many other uses. In the early 1970s, T2 was also offered branded as a Hanomag Henschel. The production of flat-bed trucks of the first generation ended after 19 year construction period, after approximately 450,000 vehicles had been produced, in 1986.

Second generation (1986-1996)

The second generation of the T2 was introduced in 1986, and was built until 1996. It was significantly upgraded, the hood having become longer and the design altogether more sharp-edged.

Third generation ("Vario") (since 1996)

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Since 1996 the T2 has been assembled at the Ludwigsfelde plant and branded as the "Vario". Visual differences between the Vario and its predecessors are quite small, but include new headlights and radiator grille: at the same time the interior was revised.

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