Mercedes-Benz F 200 Imagination

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Mercedes-Benz F 200 Imagination
Parent companyDaimler AG
ClassSports Car/Concept Car
Body style(s)2-door coupé
Engine(s)6.0 L V12
Transmission(s)5-speed Electronically Controlled Automatic transmission

The Mercedes-Benz F 200 "Imagination" coupe was a concept study by then DaimlerChrysler unveiled at the 1996 Paris Motor Show. The goal was to show off new innovations in control, design, and comfort in passenger cars. The car's exterior design was in part based on the S-Class.


One of the unique innovations was the implementation of "Sidesticks". Sidesticks were a drive by joystick design (rather than the conventional steering wheel and gas/brake pedals) that could be toggled between the driver and passenger. Other innovations included:[1]

  • Butterfly doors (to be utilized in the later Mercedes-Benz 2003 SLR McLaren)
  • Electro-transparent panoramic roof class (to be utilized in the later 2002 Maybach 62)
  • Video cameras in the place of rear view mirrors

Urban Legend Fame

Sometime during the early 2000s, the F 200 gained popularity as pictures of it were being mass mailed out under the subject of "The New Benz - very different... really different!". Many of the emails incorrectly claimed the car to be the new "SCL600". The intent of the email was to draw sarcasm from the radical designs of the car and its Sidesticks control system.

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