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The OM616 engine family was a straight-4 Diesel automobile engine from Mercedes-Benz used in the 1970s and 1980s.

Mercedes-benz OM616.912


The OM616.912 was a 2.4 L (2404 cc) engine with power output of 65 hp (48 kW). In August 1978 the cylinder head shape changed. Also the precombustion chamber was updated. As a result, the engine capacity was lowered to (2399 cc), but power output rose to 72 hp (54 kW).


The OM616 in India

In 1982, Bajaj Tempo, now Force Motors, signed a deal with Daimler Benz to manufacture the OM616 Mercedes engine under licence in India for fitting on its line of vehicles. This Mercedes engine gave the company a technological edge over other Indian manufacturers leading to the success of several Bajaj Tempo models.

The Mercedes OM 616 or its variants still power the light commercial vehicles of Bajaj Tempo, including the tempo traveller, the new Excel series of trucks and the Trax range of multi-utility vehicles. At present, Bajaj Tempo is also assembling other Mercedes engines and supplying it to Mercedes Benz India Ltd.

The Bajaj Tempo OM616 engine is configured for different power outputs depending on the intended usage, from a 65BHP version, to the 91BHP Turbo charged version used in the Trax Gurkha (Which is loosely based on the Mercedes-Benz_G-Class design)

Specs of the OM616 used in the Trax SUV: Model OM - 616(D-98)* Type 4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke, IDI Bore/Stroke (mm.) 90.9 X 92.4 Displacement (cc.) 2399 Compression Ratio 21:1 Max.Output 43.5kW(ISO) at 4000 RPM Max. Torque 130 Nm @ 1800-2000 RPM Air filter Oil Bath Type Oil filter Bye pass flow type paper filter Fuel filter Dual filter Oil sump capacity (Lts) 6.5

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