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The modified W163 that appears in Steven Spielberg's movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park in 1997.

The Mercedes-Benz W163 M-Class SUV was introduced in 1997 for the 1998 model year. It is a midsized body-on-frame truck with seating for 5 or 7 with an optional third-row seat. The W163 was replaced by the unibody W164 M-Class for 2006.

Mercedes Benz ML 400 CDI

The Original ML Class SUV was released in the US as a 1998 model as the ML320. Later, in 1999 a V8 option became available with the familiar Mercedes-Benz 4.3 Liter V8 under the hood, the ML430 which added more punch and pulling to the Mid-Size SUV.

Navigation was added as an option in the model year 2001

Later an AMG version, the ML55 was released, using the corporate 5.4 Liter, 349 horsepower (260 kW) V8, bringing the 0-60 mph time below 7 seconds, best of any SUV in its time.

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