Mercedes-Benz R170

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Mercedes-Benz R170
R170 Mercerdes-Benz SLK
Automotive industryMercedes-Benz
Parent companyDaimlerChrysler (1998-2007)
Daimler-Benz (1997-98)
SuccessorMercedes-Benz R171
Car classificationSports car
Car body style2-door Retractable hardtop

The Mercedes-Benz R170 was an Automobile platform for Sports car produced since 1997. R170 models were originally sold as the SLK-Class and was based on the Mercedes-Benz W202 C-Class. It was replaced by a new SLK-Class platform - the R171 - for 2005. R170 and R171 chassis production is handled by Karmann of Germany.


1996 SLK 200 R170.435 engine: M111.946

1996 SLK 200K R170.445 engine: M111.943

1998 SLK 230K R170.447 engine: M111.973

2000 SLK 200K R170.444 engine: M111.958

2000 SLK 320 R170.465 engine: M112.947

2000 SLK 230K R170.449 engine: M111.983

2000 SLK 320K R170.465 engine: M112.947

2001 SLK 32K R170.466 engine: M112.960

Models and Specifications

Model Years Engine Power
SLK200 1997- 2004 2L M111 Straight-4102 kW (136 hp)
SLK200K 1997- 2000*2L M111 Straight-4143 kW (192 hp)
2001- 20042L M111 Straight-4122 kW (163 hp)
SLK230K 1998- 20002.3L M111 Straight-4144 kW (193 hp)
2001- 20042.3L M111 Straight-4147 kW (197 hp)
SLK320 2001- 20043.2L M112 V6162 kW (218 hp)
SLK32 AMG 2001- 20043.2L M112 V6264 kW (354 hp)

*Exported only to Portugal, Italy and Greece.


Model Years 0-100km/h (62mph) Top Speed
SLK200 1997- 2004 9.3 seconds208 km/h (129 mph)
SLK200K 1997- 20007.7 seconds236 km/h (147 mph)
2001- 20048.2 seconds223 km/h (138 mph)
SLK230K 1998- 20007.4 seconds231 km/h (143 mph)
2001- 20046.9 seconds240 km/h (148 mph)
SLK320 2001- 20046.5 seconds245 km/h (152 mph)
SLK32 AMG 2001- 20044.5 seconds250*/280*†/310 km/h (155/174/193 mph)

*Electronically limited top speed *†AMG optional increased limited top speed With limiter removed

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