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The Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive concept car is concept car introduced in 2007. The car is built on the S600 chassis (S600 is long wheelbase only). In the Ocean Drive Concept, a V12 has been built, which together with 2 turbo's reaches a poweroutput of 517 bhp (386 kW) and 830 N·m (612 lb·ft) of torque.

The softtop is made of textile, and can be opened or closed within 20 seconds. Each of the four seats has been fitted with the AIRSCARF system, which blows a stream of warm air out of the neckrest. This system is already available on the SLK Roadster.

At this moment nothing has been said on the future for this car. What has been announced though, is that Mercedes will attempt to give the new S-Class (in 2012) 7 different models. A most likely overview for the new S-Class range could then consist of:

  • S SWB (Short Wheel Base)
  • S LWB (Long Wheel Base)
  • CL Coupe
  • CL Convertible
  • S Convertible (likely to be the Ocean Drive Concept)
  • S Pullman (limousine following previous Pullman models)


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