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Mercedes-Benz W110

The W110 "Fintail" (German: Heckflosse) was Mercedes-Benz's line of midsize four-cylinder automobiles in the mid-1960s. The line was introduced with the 190c and 190Dc sedan in April, 1961[1], replacing the W120 180c/180Dc and W121 190b/190Db. The W110 line was refreshed in July, 1965 to become the 200 and Diesel 200D (model year 1966 for North America); at the same time, a six-cylinder 230 (successor to the Mercedes 220) became part of the W110 line. Production lasted just three more years, with the W115 220 and 220D introduced in 1968. This was the first series of Mercedes cars to be extensively crash tested for occupant safety.

Mercedes-Benz W110
628,282 built (see text)
PredecessorMercedes-Benz W120
SuccessorMercedes-Benz W115
ClassExecutive car
VehiclesMercedes-Benz E-Class
First Series
W110 190D Fintail sedan
Engine(s)1.9 L M121 I4
1.9 L OM621 Diesel I4
Second Series
W110 200D Fintail sedan
Engine(s)2.0 L M121 I4
2.3 L M180 I6
2.0 L OM621 I4


First Series (1961-1965)

The 190c replaced the W120 180c/180Dc and W121 190b/190Db as Mercedes-Benz's line of less-expensive four-cylinder sedans. The "D" denoted a Diesel engine, a technology pioneered by Mercedes-Benz and championed despite widespread derision in the motoring press.


Chassis code Years Model Engine Number built[2]
W110.010 1961–1965 190c 1.9 L M121 I4 130,554
W110.110 1961–1965 190Dc 1.9 L OM621 Diesel I4 225,645

Second Series (1965-1968)

The second series of 4-cylinder cars lasted just a few years. Production of the new 200, 200D and 230 models commenced in July, 1965[3], at the Sindelfingen plant. All three cars ended production in 1968 with the introduction of the W115 220 and 220D.


Chassis code Years Model Engine Number built[2]
W110.010 1965–1968 200 2.0 L M121 I4 70,207
W110.011 1965–1965 230 2.3 L M180 I6 40,258
W110.110 1965–1968 200D 2.0 L OM621 I4 161,618


Chassis Type 1962 1963 1964 1965 1965.5 1966 1967 1968
W110 sedan 190c 230
190Dc 200D


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